Saturday, 16 March 2013

Entrepreneurship Presentation


YEAYYYY! Done with our presentation yang boleh tahan killer subject. This project make me suffer a lots especially my mental. We done this project since awal semester till today is our final day. Syukur Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. Thank you Ya Allah. Walaupun agak nervous mula-mula time present sampai tergagap time starting. hehe. But still Alhamdulillah.

Our group, Little Diva Company.
General Manager, Marketing Personnel, Operational Manager, HR Manager, Senior Designer, Financial Manager.


Me with kecik. That's our product that we offer. Heee :)

Zati buat muka seksi. 

kecik, cah and me.

I'm in love with blazer. hehe.

with the girls!

Kina's group. Nice!

Roomate tercantik, Piqah 

Roomates tercomel, Marina 

Roomates tergila, Nia 

Kelas F 

Marina's group. Oishi Yaki Burger!

Me Fakrul and Kecik

Me with Yusri :)

Wani's Group :)

Adib's group :)

Kekasih hati yang tersayang, Muhammad Firdaus 

Favourite picture for today. Heeeee :)

We're done for presentation ENT ! Yeaaaay! Hip hip horeeey!

Okay night love. Assalamualaikum.