Sunday, 25 May 2014

Convocation day


Rasanya belum basi nak share pengalaman konvokesyen diploma kan? Walaupun dah 2 minggu event ni berlalu, sekarang baru nak share. Since busy sangat sampai tak ada masa nak spend time dekat blog. Bila dah hujung-hujung semester ni macam-macam assignment nak kena settle kan, so i'm little bit kelam kabut nak settle everything. So lets start our story now.

12 May 2014, i'm officially graduated from Uitm Melaka! ALHAMDULILLAH and PRAISE TO ALLAH TAALA. I could not describe how happy i am that day. Even though there's quite sad since my beloved father can't attended my big day. But i know he proud of me. I know, he watched me from up there. I know, he very happy by seeing me now be big girl and can stand with my own feet. This is greater present for him and for sure for my beloved mama.

Officially a Diploma holder in Public Administration.

Moment paling happy? For sure bila tengok mama happy sangat-sangat, her smile is my priority. This is for you mama. Terima kasih atas doa mama yang tak pernah putus untuk kakak, semangat yang mama berikan untuk kakak dari mula-mula kakak dapat course ni you know right yang kakak tak nak ambil course ni, you give me advice everytime i want give up and quit, you know my hardness here. Mama tak pernah jemu support kakak. Thank you mama. Thank you so much. I can't give anything for you, all can do is by be a successful person and a good daughter to you. I love you mama.

Family is part of me, they came to celebrate my convocation. Thanks a lot! 

Awkward gila jalan atas pentas oi wedges boleh pulak nak longgar kan. Haish malu.

Congrets dear for your graduation. Me with his family.

My mom and his mom.

Alhamdulillah, tahniah sayang! Why you show your gigi domo? 
Proud of you sayang, please maintain your performance for degree.Strive for ANC okay?
Thanks sayang for accompany me for the whole last semester, you the great partner that i ever had. Awak tak pernah jemu menghadap muka saya hampir 24 hours, hari-hari pulak tu. Thank you so much. Thanks for treat me like a princess everyday. No words can describe how much you care about me.

Susah senang selama 5 semester, roomates yang tahu, yang faham. Rindu both of them ni. Dorang lah kakak, adik beradik, kawan bergelak, kawan menangis, peneman tidur, peneman mandi, peneman makan and semua dengan dorang. Thank you marina, thank you afiqah for the whole diploma. You're my family in Lendu for 2 and half years. I do love both of them so so much.


Dalam kejayaan jugak tak lupa untuk classmates yang banyak membantu dalam assignment and all kerja test quiz. Without a perfect team mates you will never success. Thanks to classmates AM1101E-4E and AM1105B! 

Congrets to my pretty lady and lawyer to be CAH HASHIM!
Teman balik KL time part 1, teman luah perasaan jugak, dulu selalu teman cah pergi photoshoot sana sini, i miss to spend time with this great lady.

Twinnie for diploma. Congrets kecik for you convocation.
Now she far away from us, she's studying at Sarawak now. Take care dear.

Congrets to both pretty girl, izyan and zatiiqa.
Actually tak ada gambar berdua dengan zatiiqa my roomates for 3 semester.
To my lovely roomate, zatiiqa. Congrets dear. I do grateful to know you, you are strong girl, you are inspired me to be strong as you actually. I do proud of you and happy to know you more closer. Thanks for the chance you gave to me to let me know you. I do love you so much zati, you're my sister, my siblings and part of family in Lendu. Do take care of yourself at Sabah k? I wish you all the best dear.

Congratulations to my sweetie pie Olin! You're the great roomates now, partner of gossip, sleeping partner, partner pergi kelas, partner pergi mana-mana. Thanks for the friendship the we created since diploma until now. I love you olin.

Buddies time akhir semester time diploma. Both of them my body guard, my protector.
Congrets to Hakim! You're great friend, have a nice voice, cute smile, awwww. And you're caring person.
So please take care of your princess, do love her, care her as much as she care about you.
I know you're nice person and loving guy. Awww, touching betul ayat.

Let it goooo. Love this picture!

So untuk yang lain-lain, CONGRATULATIONS coursemates. Finally we're graduated and be part of Alumni of Uitm Kampus Alor Gajah! Alhamdulillah.

Biggest memory in our life. I never expect i could be here for convocation day with my beloved friends. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Actually sedih sebab tak sempat bergambar dengan my bestie, shasha. I can't search her. I'm little bit disappointed. To my beloved bestie, shasha. Congratulation dear. Actually happy sangat dapat tengok kau naik pentas, dengan senyuman kau yang aku rindu sangat, tahniah sha. Aku sayang kau sangat-sangat. Good luck for your future. My pray always be with you.

Thank you my little sis for being a patient photographer. Hewhew. Iloveyou.

I got 2 flowers from family and boyfriend. Thank you! 
Thank you Uitm for that certificate! Alhamdulillah!


No more diploma life! Now focusing on degree life! Wish me luck!
Hopefully i can give one more excellent result for my family.